Pseudorandom Generators For Space Bounded Computation

Pseudorandomness For Read-once Formulas
Half, owing to the space restriction the computation must \forget" most information about these Pseudorandom generators for spacebounded computation. Combinator-ica, 12(4):449{461, 1992. 10 [NN93]J. Naor and M. Naor. Small-bias probability spaces: e cient constructions and applica- … Access Doc

Extractors And Pseudorandom Generators
Extractors are also used to derandomize randomized spacebounded computa-tions This is the non-uniform analog of a computation that pseudorandom generators for non-deterministic computations, under certain as- … Content Retrieval

On Expander Graphs And Connectivity In Small space
Graph connectivity, expander graphs, randomness in computation, symmetric log-space (SL), pseudorandomness. 1. Pseudorandom generators for spacebounded computation. Combinatorica 12 (4) (1992), 449–461. [34] Nisan, Noam, Szemeredi, Endre, and Wigderson, Avi, Undirected connectivity in … Read Full Source

Discrepancy Sets And Pseudorandom Generators For …
Of constructing pseudorandom generators for space bounded computation [Nis90, NZ93, INW94, AW96]. [Nis90] N. Nisan, Pseudorandom generators for spacebounded computation, Proc. 22nd ACM Symposium on Theory of Comput-ing, 1990, pp. 204-212. … Read Here

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Pseudorandom Generators Oded Goldreich, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, pseudorandom generators withstanding spacebounded distinguishers, Classical and Quantum Computation A. Yu. Kitaev, California Institute of Technology, … Access Content

Ory—the field that studies the resources (such as time, space, and randomness) needed to solve 11.1 Bounded Rationality and the Iterated Prisoners’ Dilemma . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 pseudorandom generators for the foundations of probability, … Read Here

My Favorite Ten Complexity Theorems Of The Past Decade II
Trevisan 1999 Superlinear Bounds Branching Programs Size corresponds to space needed for computation. Favorite Theorems 1985-94 Favorite Theorem 1 Bounded-width Branching Programs Equivalent to Boolean Formula Barrington 1989 Favorite Need strong pseudorandom generators to simulate … Content Retrieval

The Algorithm
“Stable Distributions, Pseudorandom Generators, Embeddings and Data Stream Computation” Paper by Piotr Indyk Presentation by Andy Worms and Arik Chikvashvili … Fetch Full Source

Pseudorandomness For Network Algorithms
We de ne pseudorandom generators for Yao’s two-party communication complexity model and exhibit a simple construction, based on expanders, for it. We 4.1 Space Bounded Computation De nition 6 A Space(S) machine with bounded read- … Access Doc

REVIEWS NY 12604, USA. Logic (the Journal, Vol. 1, Pp. 121 …
Ear space computation. polynomial space, etc. Bounded arithmetic is also closely connected to propositional proof complexity. There of bounded arithmetic, oracles, and pseudorandom number generators. It is particularly … Read Document

Derandomized Constructions Of -Wise (Almost) Independent …
Pseudorandomness for spacebounded computation has been a very productive area, see [27, 28]. Such pseudorandomness has been used before in the [27] N. Nisan, Pseudorandom generators for spacebounded computation, Combinatorica 12(4), 1992, 449–461. … Get Document

Separating Deterministic From Randomized Multiparty …
Constructions of pseudorandom generators for space bounded computation, constructions of universal traversal sequences, time-space trade-offs [4], In the NOF multiparty communication complexity model of computation [12] there are k players, numbered 1 through k, that compute a function f k;n … Fetch Here

Theoretic point of view on pseudorandom generators are presented in Section 6. space of all possible seeds to find the one that generates exactly the given sequence. an affordable amount of computation time. For linear generators, it is sometimes tolerated, … Fetch This Document

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Of universal traversal sequences and pseudorandom generators for space bounded computation. Kushilevitz and Nisan [25] have written an excellent survey of the computation is done with respect to the uniform distribution. Since each player is … Retrieve Content

A Pseudorandom Generator For Polynomial Threshold Functions …
Firstly, they make use of pseudorandom generators against space bounded computation to produce a generator of seed length O(log(n) + log2 [10] Raghu Meka, David Zuckerman Pseudorandom generators for polynomial threshold functions, Proceed- … Get Doc

Using Nondeterminism To Amplify Hardness
Keywords average-case complexity, hardness amplification, pseudorandom generators for spacebounded computation, noise stability. We show that if G is pseudorandom against spacebounded algorithms and the combining function C is computable in small space (with one- … Document Viewer

CS271 Randomness & Computation Fall 2011 Lecture 1: August …
CS271 Randomness & Computation Fall 2011 Lecture 1: August 25th Lecturer: (“Bounded-error Probabilistic Polynomial time”). of radioactive nuclei etc. In practice, we use pseudorandom generators, which are actually deterministic … Read Document

A Small PRG For Polynomial Threshold Functions Of Gaussians
Pseudorandom Generators We wish to produce a random variable X from s random bits so that for any degree-d PTF, f jE[f (X)] E Y˘G[f (Y)]j : PTFs (using PRGs against space bounded computation) [MZ10] s = 2O(d) log(n) 8d 3 for degree-d PTFs This talk: … Retrieve Full Source

Benny Applebaum
Pseudorandom generators with linear stretch in NC0. We construct an NC0 pseudoran- of non-cryptographic PRGs such as generators for spacebounded computation [BNS89, Nis92], yielding such generators (with sublinear stretch) in NC0 3. … Read More

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CS Theory Applications of Extractors Derandomization of (poly-time/log-space) algorithms Unify many important “pseudorandom” objects Hash Functions Expander Graphs Samplers Pseudorandom Generators Error-Correcting Codes Crypto theory of computation, probability … Retrieve Content